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Day Teams Girls Boys
Week 0 December 10, 2023
Sunday Dallas at TunkhannockDal 189-62Dal 146-84
Week 1 Jan 6-7, 2024
SaturdayElk Lake at Abingtonpostponedpostponed
SaturdayScranton at BerwickBer 113-75Ber 150-67
SaturdayDelaware Valley at Dallaspostponedpostponed
SaturdayTunkhannock at Central ColumbiaTun 136-55Tun 100-90
Week 2 Jan 13-14, 2024
SaturdayAbington at BerwickBer 129-91Abi 136-76
SaturdayCentral Columbia at DallasDal 94-66Dal 91-66
SaturdayScranton at Elk LakeElk 162-57SSK 100-61
Sunday Delaware Valley at TunkhannockDV 142-91DV 132-105
Sunday Elk Lake at AbingtonAbi 129-116Abi 163-35
Week 3 Jan 20-21, 2024
SaturdayDelaware Valley at AbingtonDV 131-108DV 127-125
SaturdayCentral Columbia at ScrantonSSK 90-86SSK 97-82
Sunday Tunkhannock at Elk LakeElk 130-111Tun 145-41
Sunday Dallas at BerwickDal 171-68Dal 171-62
Week 4 Jan 27-28, 2024
SaturdayElk Lake at Delaware ValleyCanceledCanceled
SaturdayAbington at ScrantonAbi 142-61Abi 148-62
SaturdayCentral Columbia at BerwickBer 147-53Ber 100-81
Sunday Delaware Valley at DallasCanceledCanceled
Week 5 Feb 3-4, 2024
SaturdayTunkhannock at AbingtonAbi 134-104Abi 116-112
SaturdayBerwick at Delaware ValleyCanceledCanceled
SaturdayCentral Columbia at Elk LakeElk 157-67CC 98-52
SaturdayDallas at ScrantonDal 210-31Dal 163-59
Week 6 Feb 10-11, 2024
SaturdayAbington at DallasDal 197-55Dal 147-99
SaturdayElk Lake at BerwickBer 139-96Ber 124-49
SaturdayDelaware Valley at Central ColumbiaCanceledCanceled
Sunday Scranton at TunkhannockCanceledCanceled
Week 7 Feb 17-18, 2024
SaturdayScranton at Delaware ValleyCanceledCanceled
SaturdayTunkhannock at BerwickTun 119-107Tun 114-83
SaturdayAbington at Central ColumbiaAbi 147-52Abi 125-81
Sunday Dallas at Elk LakeDal 158-93Dal 112-35
Week 8 Feb 24-25, 2024:
Championships at Dallas

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