Northeast PA Age group swim league

League or Championship Records
League Records
6 & Under
H. Terzulli0:18.32Abington200025 FlyEmmett MooreCYC0:18.62 3/24/2013
B. Solack0:19.72Abington199925 BackEdward DanaDelaware Valley0:20.97 3/24/2013
Charisse Mulherin0:22.97Valley View200825 BreastIvan PuskovitchScranton YMCA0:24.43 2008
Lydia Gonzales0:17.06Dallas3/2/201425 FreeJ. AlunniValley View0:17.05 1993
H. Terzulli0:40.25Abington200050 FreeJ. AlunniValley View0:38.66 1993
Seeley Quinn
Madeline Marks
Mira Bulbin
Irene Shen
1:41.88Danville2/22/2020100 Free Relay

Nora Packer
Phoebe Young
Nella Fry
Harper Loyack
2:00.80Tunkhannock2/24/2024100 Medley Relay

7 & 8
Brenna Ross0:15.59Danville2/16/201425 FlyJames ZhangDanville Dolphins0:15.41 2/12/2017
Abigayle Hodorovich0:17.90Valley View3/4/201225 BackJ. McGroartyCYC0:17.10 1995
Madison Crawford0:18.69Central Columbia3/7/201025 BreastBilly McDonoughTunkannock0:18.40 1989
Ashley Brier0:13.91Scranton YMCA199025 FreeL. BarlinskiBerwick0:13.68 1991
Ashley Brier0:32.52Scranton YMCA199050 FreeR. MurphyDelaware Valley0:31.49 1999
Locklynn Bienkowski
Claire Haydu
Maeve Watkins
Macie Stauffer
1:04.21Dallas1/25/2020100 Free Relay


1:14.40Berwick2002100 Medley Relay

Vally View1:16.69
9 & 10
Brenna Ross0:30.00Danville3/6/201650 FlyJimmy ZhangDanville0:31.13 2/2/2019
Alison Prushinski0:33.71Valley View3/3/201350 BackSteven SchermerhornDelaware Valley0:32.482/23/2014
Madison Crawford0:36.74Central Columbia3/4/201250 BreastJ. WizdaValley View0:36.81 1994
Brenna Ross0:28.18Danville3/6/201650 FreeLucianoCYC0:27.35
Hellenthal1:00.94Berwick100 FreeWoobie KupskyDallas1:03.6312/6/2014
Hellenthal1:11.25Berwick100 IMHunter KrumCentral Columbia1:11.18 2008
Abigayle Hodorovich
Lauren Schofield
Olivia Turner
Taylor Newton
2:01.01Valley View2/1/2014200 Free RelayDamian Baranowski
Steven Schermerhorn
Matt Studsrud
Luke Stevens
Delaware Valley2:06.93 2/24/2013
Anna Hummel
Madison Wild
Ingrid McElroy
Ava Ross
2:17.38Danville3/3/2018200 Medley Relay

Scranton YMCA2:24.29 1997
11 & 12
B. Blass0:28.21Pittston200650 FlyGiovanni SpataroValley View0:27.491/31/2015
Skylar Roerig0:28.87Valley View1/30/201650 BackWoobie KupskyCYC0:28.79 2/25/2018
K. Solack0:33.20Abington200250 BreastD. EvansValley View0:31.90 1997
Gabriella Spaciano0:25.37Dallas3/5/201750 FreeKyle KozloskiTunkhannock0:24.502/26/2023
Skylar Roerig0:56.25Valley View3/6/2015100 FreeM. LesakValley View0:54.17 1999
Tessa Mangan2:05.80Scranton Sea Knights1/26/2019200 FreeWoobie KupskyCYC1:56.18 2/25/2018
B.Blass1:04.56Pittston2006100 IMM. LesakValley View1:01.37 1999
Hodorovich, Abigayle
Olivia Turner
Taylor Newton
Skylar Roerig
1:49.19Valley View3/6/2016200 Free RelayAidan Drouse
Jason Ardan
E.J. Mundia
Nicholas Drouse
Scranton Sea Knights1:52.22 1/25/2014
Skylar Roerig
Erica Prushinski
Olivia Turner
Taylor Newton
2:00.58Valley View3/6/2016200 Medley RelayJ. Andreoli
J. Bevan
T.J. Browning
R. Farrence
Valley View2:04.32 1994
13 & 14
Olivia Turner0:59.39Scranton Sea Knights1/27/2018100 FlyAidan DrouseScranton Sea Knights0:55.46 2/28/2016
Skylar Roerig1:00.11Dallas1/13/2018100 BackM. LesakValley View0:54.65 2001
J. McLaughlin1:09.01CYC2001100 BreastEd ZawatskiCYC1:03.51 2/26/2012
L.Byron0:24.24CYC199950 FreeEd ZawatskiCYC0:21.76 2/26/2012
Skylar Roerig0:52.76Dallas1/20/2018100 FreeEd ZawatskiCYC0:48.27 2/26/2012
Lauren Schofield1:57.55Scranton Sea Knights3/3/2018200 FreeAidan DrouseScranton Sea Knights1:48.54 2/28/2016
Lauren Schofield2:10.27Scranton Sea Knights1/27/2018200 IMM. LesakValley View2:03.56 2001
Melissa Leonard
Caitlin Blaum
Skylar Roerig
Kylee Kolbicka
1:43.36Dallas3/5/2017200 Free RelayR. Young
R. Farrence
T.J. Browning
J. Bevan
Valley View1:38.75 1996
Lauren Schofield
Nicole Chiricos
Olivia Turner
Erica Prushinski
1:54.62Scranton Sea Knights1/27/2018200 Medley RelayM.Esolen
Abington1:49.43 2001

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